Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So many things to share, I will try to make it short and sweet( ha,ha you know that is hard for me)

Marty is doing well in his new position as Sgt. and seems to be very happy with this promotion. He gained two percent kidney function this week meaning he is stable for the time being. He goes to see the surgeon at Stanford next week and he will decide whether he is a good candidate for Pancreas transplant. Hopefully all goes well and they decide to put him on the list and we can start planning for that.

I made a deal with Elizabeth that she would keep her room clean and I would take her to see the Hannah Montana concert on the big screen. Now cleaning her room consists of very simple things, toys in the toy box, clothes in the hamper and the floor clean. She doesn't even have to make her bed as a part of the deal but she needs to keep her toys off the stairs, out of the living room, out of my room, the car, her brother's room, the bathroom and the school area. She has a really hard time doing this and usually the toys are all over those area's. She promised Marty and I she would do this without being asked a bazillion times and she failed. I had to tell two friend's we were unable to go with them to see the movie and I think it was harder for me. She did get upset this morning when her friend called her to tell her to clean her room and we had to tell her and the friend "no". We give our kids alot and we just took her to the movies to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and they are going skiing the end of the month. Other people make their kids earn things by grades and test scores and we do that by making them follow our rules. I just don't believe our kids need all this stuff and I agree they are just kids and should get treats but they need to follow the rules. Hard one!

Conner is getting ready to go to camp fairly soon, I am nervous he will be away from us for three days and it is his first time going. He is really excited he earned the chance to go because last year we had to tell him "no" because he failed to meet his goal. This year he did what was expected of him and I am so proud he gets to go but so scared to send him away for a few days. He is such a big help to me and he really deserves to get a special treat such as this!!!

I have been trying to stay on routine and keep the schedule in order which is a daunting task at times. I have been watching the Jane Austen miniseries every week which brings great joy to me. Nothing much exciting to report on my end except I am really looking forward to seeing my family next month and taking a trip to So.Cal.