Monday, February 15, 2010


I am so excited the Olympics are here again, I love the winter Olympics especially. I have been a life long ice skating fan and loved to ice skate when I was younger. One of my most favorite memories comes from the 1984 Olympics. I remember sitting in my Gramie's den, on her lap and watching Scott Hamilton skate to Olympic Gold. I was hooked! Then in 1984 the Olympics came to LA and we got to experience the Olympics in our hometown. It was fun watching the torch run go through our hometown. I remember taping and watching the Opening Ceremonies over and over. Then of course, the famous Nadia miniseries came on channel 5 and my life changed. I became obsessed with all things Nadia and gymnastics. I also had that on tape and watched it everyday for two years. Then of course, the 1988 Olympics and the battle of the Brian's, I loved Brian Boitano. Katrina Witt won her gold medal that year, beating out Debbie Thomas. I have so many fond memories of watching the Olympics as a young girl. Now I love teaching my kids about them and watching along with them. Someday they will be my age and remember where they were when they watched. Conner loved seeing We Are The World premiere during the Opening Ceremonies. He said it was cool that when I was young the first one came out and now he is young and the second one came out. So if you wonder where I am for the next two weeks, you know I will be glued to the television.