Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Conner has been on a roll lately, I know how much many of you enjoy his little "Connerisms" so I thought that I would record them for posterity.

After hearing someone worry, he said, "Worrying is hard work." , wow! Pretty insightful and true.

We took Marty out for a birthday dinner the other night. He was wanting the Orange Chicken bowl. My mom had it last time we went and it was spicy. So I told him, "It's spicy, you won't like it." about three minutes later, he turns to Marty and says, " I want the orange chicken bowl, but I heard it was spicy." I cracked up laughing, I love it how he "heard" it was spicy.

Not a Connerism per se, but very cute. On Valentines day, he bought his sister a card. Upon later inspection by Elizabeth and I, we found out it was a card "To my brother with love." he thought it was "from" brother. Even funnier, he signed it "bro bro" So cute and heartwarming.

At baseball tryouts, he got a chance to stay late to help out. When he was putting on his gear, he said, "It's called showcasing Mom!" Oh dear! Then two nights ago, while watching pairs skating. He asked, "Why doesn't the guy pick the girl up by her blade and swing her around. I want to see them do that!" Oh dear!