Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday my Friend

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. 

My friend Staci, often calls me "my friend" as a tear of endearment. It was her birthday on March 1st and I fully intended writing her a birthday blog like I have done for a few other friends. Then the day before her birthday, we got the call from Debbie, our donor's mother and that took precedence. It was okay because I was helping Staci's husband Wayne plan a surprise party for her the next day.

Two weeks later, I am finally sitting down to write this blog. I think of all the birthday blogs, this will be the hardest to write. Staci and I met when she gave me a baby shower gift for Elizabeth. Our churches had recently merged, she was a member of one church and I was a member of another. Two of our kids were very close in age and her daughter Maddie was just a few years older.

We became friends on a shaky foundation. It's hard to explain without going into major detail but basically we were ill suited to be friends. We both had issues that prevented us from being a really good friend to each other and our surroundings didn't help. Because of this issue, I actually went to biblical counseling that changed my life and the way I am as a friend. I am a better person for knowing Staci.

We had years where our contact was almost non existent. We had a friend in common and that line of communication was often cloudy at best. In fact, once that commonality was removed from our lives, things became much clearer.

She is actually the friend, who helped Marty find the new doctor who diagnosed him with renal failure. We slowly started on a beautiful journey of prayer and change that makes us the friends we are today. We spent months and years praying together for different things in our lives. As we reconnected our kids were older and became friends. Her daughters are precious gifts to me, I adore those girls as my own. It's such a blessing to be friends with her and the girls.

We have often said, its a miracle. A true miracle that we are friends and our bond is so strong now. We have been through some ugly things together and the end result is beauty. We forged our common faults and truly know the ugliest parts of each other. That's what makes this such a special friendship. When you know all of someone's "ugly" they can't hide from you or really let you down.

She truly is my sister of the heart. In fact, last week at her party, people kept asking if I really was her sister because we do resemble each other.  Our times now are spent in laughter, prayer and joy. We have survived the odds and overcome. I am so grateful that we kept pressing on and not giving in to ourselves. Our love for each other, keeps us from giving up. We were meant to be friends, the kind of friend who changes your life and truly makes you a better person.

I love you "Foxy Mama", thanks for everything you have done for me throughout these last 12 years. Can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Happy big birthday, I am not far behind you.

Camping Pismo 2002

Just last week, a few years older but much wiser.