Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cousin Birthday Series: Happy Birthday Jamie

Jamie, Julie and Carrie
My cousin Jamie is my fifth cousin on my Dad's side. I remember the day she was born, just a tiny peanut of a thing. Here's a picture of me holding her as a baby

Jamie is one of my "J" cousins. We probably have been called by each others names a million times in our lives. She was a Brown girl just like me and often people thought she was one of my sisters because we resembled each other.
Jamie and Jessie move to Arizona slumber party. Top left to bottom left: Rissa, Jessie, Julie,Brianne,Carrie, Sarah, Jillie,Caiti,Jamie, Andy

Jamie and her family moved away when I was about ten. Some of my favorite memories are going to see them in Lake Havusa,AZ on family road trips. We loved going to visit our cousins and have giant sleepovers.

The most amazing thing about Jamie is that my daughter Elizabeth bears a uncanny resemblence to Jamie. We were visiting Jamie in Tennessee this fall and her husband kept staring at this picture astonished at how much E and Jamie look alike.

Elizabeth age three

Jamie age three

Pretty uncanny isn't it? Even Elizabeth cant believe how much they look alike.
Elizabeth age 11
Jamie around 12

  This year they finally got to meet for the first time when we went to Tennessee to see Jamie and her family. It was fun to see them together.

Jamie and I hadn't seen each other in seven years and it was nice to finally be together again. I look forward to seeing her more when we move to Georgia in the fall.

She's now a wife and mother of two cute young boys one of whom looks just like her when she was little.

Jamie, sorry this is late. I hope you had a great birthday and I am so thankful to call you cousin. Love, Julie

Lacey, Jamie, Julie and Jessie together in Tennessee. Brown Girls for life!