Friday, June 22, 2012

doTerra Essential Oils product review

A few weeks ago, I offered my blog to my friends to guest blog or promote something. My friend Sandi asked me to tell you about her new business venture doTERRA Essential oils. She met me at Costco and gave me a few samples to try.

We loved the Deep Blue Rub. As a swimmer and cyclist, I have suffered many a muscle strain. Marty's back had been hurting him and so we tried the rub and found success. It really helped his back ache disappear and gave him the relief he had sought. In fact, this same rub was what hooked my friend Sandi on the products in the first place. She had been lifting her father in law's wheelchair in and out of the trunk of her car. She applied this rub and found relief.

She also had been using the oils for her TMJ pain. I have long suffered from TMJ and wanted to try the oils for my jaw. This Deep Blue Rub gave me relief that I didn't think was possible. Great way to treat a side effect of TMJ and find relief. We also used the oils to help Elizabeth find relief from her asthma and quiet a cough Marty had been suffering.

I had recently been reading about all natural cleaning methods and using essential oils in vinegar to clean. As I  browsed the website I saw they offer many all natural cleaning solutions.

Stop by Sandi's website and check out all the products for yourself. So many of us suffer from things that can be helped by all natural relief and we never try it. I really was amazed by these products and think you will be too.

Sandi's webpage