Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MTTMB Series: I Remember When

Last August in celebration of my 35th birthday I wrote the wildly popular Music That Takes Me Back Series. It was a great trip down memory lane and I nowhere near completed the trip. I had already decided to bring it back and then something happened....NKOTB came crashing back into my life.

You may remember I wrote this blog about New Kids on the Block a few days before my birthday. I had no clue that 35 would turn out to be one of the greatest years of my life. Also one of the greatest years of my New Kids fan life.

I recently had the opportunity to meet them thanks to my new found "sisters" Blockhead sisters to be exact. Thanks to Lori, Lindsey, Trish, and A2 also known as Andrea. My dear friend, SOH and I got to meet the New Kids together. You can read about that here.

September 14,1990, three days after I turned 14, I saw New Kids on the Block for the second time at Dodgers Stadium with my friend Jackie. It was truly a Magic Summer Tour and little did I know the last time I would see them live for twenty two years.

This year Andrea and I are celebrating our 36th birthday's together in Hershey,PA by seeing NKOTB live together for the first time. I am thrilled beyond words for this trip.

Getting to go away with one of my best friends, getting to see New Kids, going to Hershey for the first time. I get to meet back up with my friends Lindsey and Andrea, plus meet many of the BH sistas that are my tweeps. I could wax poetic for hours about this.

Going to save that for the after trip blog which will be a part of the series. Until then, I leave you with two videos. One a old New Kids song that fits the bill and the second is a great promo video done for the event by my friend Andrea.

This song takes me right back to being twelve. I always knew that New Kids would be a huge part of my life story.

Here is Andrea's promo video to share more about the festival. Warning there is language in this video, so please don't watch if that will upset you