Monday, August 13, 2012

MTTMB Series: Six Songs of Me

Last week a friend posted a link to this article on Facebook, The Six Songs of me how music describes who you are as a person. In the article was a link to a website to pick the six songs.  The website didn't work very well for me and I tried to find my list again today to no avail.

So I am going to write it out as part of my series "The Music that Takes Me Back" and reminsce a bit.

"First Song you bought" Originally I picked the a different band but changed the answer to go way back. The first album I ever owned was the soundtrack to Annie. I loved listening to that record over and over, I had a Annie doll, book and my parents took me to see the stage play. I love you Daddy Warbucks! Maybe this is why I wanted red hair?

"What Song Gets You Dancing" My Sharona by The Knack. It's become a wedding tradition when one of me or my cousins gets married. Also when my friend Jenny got married, we danced to this song. It comes from my love of the movie "Reality Bites" a movie that I highly identified with at 18. The famous scene where they are in the gas station getting food and Jeanine Garofalo and Winona Ryder dance around has always been a favorite. I can here this song anywhere and immediately bust out the moves

"What Song Takes You Back to Your Childhood" Easy, literally the one that no question I would blurt out the same answer over and over. The theme to Welcome Back Kotter. For some reason, I hear that song and immediately am transported to being a little girl watching the Sweat Hogs goof around. There is just something about this song that takes me back.

"Perfect Love Song" I am waffling between two. I have "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles in one hand and "Somebody" by Depeche Mode in the other. I love both songs. There is something about "Eternal Flame" that always makes me cry. Not that it is a hard thing to do, make me cry. "Somebody" is a song that always reminds me of Marty. Plus, I love everything Martin Gore has written. Both are great and I will share both.

"Song Played at Your Funeral" This one I have waffled over. There is of course, "On Eagles Wings" the classic hymn played at every family member's funeral, a staple. Then I thought about a OC Supertones song, because I love ska.  I settled on "Here's Where the Story Ends" by the Sundays. I love this song, truly a song in the story of my life.

"The Encore, the Song that Makes You...You" This one I polled my family members, all three of them said the same song and it is truly the song I would say. Hands down the most influential song in my life and the song that screams Jules. I think this will shock absolutely no one. I am sharing this version of Curt Smith singing it acoustic a few months ago. He is my favorite singer to this day, so much more than when I was nine years old. I have been able to learn more about him and "get to know him" as a person via social media. Truly a class act, amazing talent and wonderful person. He still has "it" after all these years.

So what are your Six Songs? You can go pick them at the Six Songs of Me website and leave me a link in the comments. Or you can just tell me in the comments!