Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Dear Alex

Dear Alex,

It's hard to believe you're seventeen years old today. You're just one year away from being how old I was when you were born. I remember when your mom told us she was having you and the joy we felt in our family. It had been a long time since we had a baby around and we were thrilled. I went crazy buying you presents, I was overjoyed.  At that moment, I wasn't even thinking about having my own kids and didn't know they would be your cousins someday.

My favorite memory of you is that you had a little wooden duck you loved to push around everywhere. Once your mom lost you in Michaels and she told everyone to look for the little girl pushing a wooden duck! I also remember your fondness for Bananas in Pajamas.

Sadly I moved away and missed most of your growing up years. I look forward to being closer as we are older and coming to visit you at college. The best part of you is that you are me in many ways. You are the oldest cousin of the younger generation. Conner and Elizabeth look up to you and they love you so much. Kind of fun that my cousin is their cousin too! They always want to come see you and Randon. It's you who gets to lead the way, something that I did with our other cousins.

I really hope you enjoy your senior year, have fun and enjoy life as a teenager. The days are numbered in youth and this time is really precious. Some of my best friends to this day are the friends I went to high school with.

Be yourself, love yourself and honor yourself. I always have just been me regardless of what anyone else thinks and that has served me well.  So often there is so much pressure at your age to fit in, be what you are not and to make choices. Always listen to your heart.

I am proud to call you cousin, I look forward to your bright future and wish you the happiest of birthday's ever! Seventeen is such a great age to be!

Love, your cousin Julie

Elizabeth, Randon, Alex and Conner

Randon, Julie and Alex

"Little Bit" and Alex

Love this picture!

You put Randon and Conner on a leash! Smart little girl taming those two monkeys!

You were helping me at my baby shower for Conner

Cousins Randon, Conner, Alex, Little Bit and Tony

What a precious picture. Cousins in front of Grandma's tree

"Little Bit" always has loved Alex. She looks up to you