Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post 700 & Practicing What I Preach

Seven years ago, I started this blog on Myspace with no idea that it would become. It's the little blog that could. It has just grown and grown beyond my wildest dreams. I started blogging because I read a blog that I loved and wanted to do what she was doing. It has been my way of grieving, processing, sharing, remembering and just being Jules. Thank you to my readers one and all, I couldn't have done it without all of you.

What would be my 700th post? A thought that has been running through my head for a few weeks while watching the number quickly approach. A funny story? A update? A long sappy thank you note? 

Last week, my cousin in law Karen sent me a message that my cousin Danny was in ICU at the hospital here in town. She needed me to go down to the hospital since no other family member could get there. I rushed to get ready and head down there. When I got there someone had finally located his daughter Danielle and she arrived at the same time. She doesn't really know me since I am 11 years older than her and our family lived far apart when she was growing up. I introduced myself as we waited to be allowed in. 

Danny was on life support and things weren't looking very good. I explained to Danielle that I was here for her and wanted to support her. Her grandmother was my grandfather's sister and someone I was very close with growing up. She was the head of our family, a great lady who was beloved by all who knew her. The family has really drifted our own ways since she has gone. Her boys have faced huge battles since she has been gone, one gone now and two facing serious health issues. I go because she loved her boys and my mother's heart compells me to love them for her.

During this past week, I have grown to know Danielle and we have bonded while sitting in the hospital at different times. I was able to share some family history and just enjoy getting to know her. I also got to see some family that I never see. It was truly a blessing in disguise.

Danny went home today, he is doing better for now but has a long road ahead of him. Our family has a horrible health history on that side. Every grown adult has faced some chronic illness of some kind as they aged. It is sad today when Danny and I were talking about how many people in our family have battled diabetes and renal failure. Just another reason for me to keep working hard at getting fit.

I write for my friend Stacy's site and last week wrote a piece titled "Support System" about being a supporter to others facing trials. This week I got to practice what I preached and it felt great.  I also have worked hard at living each day, cherishing it and seizing the moment as I promised my friend who recently passed away. I was reading some of her emails today while looking for a piece of info and read some advice she had given.

Life is short. Live each day fully, love deeply and find something to be joyful about each day!