Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Boy Scout Mom's Wish!

My dear Twitter friend 1Lavishone has offered to help me out. I am suffering from a bit of writer's block, I am reading old blogs and trying to not repeat myself. Thankfully, she has hopped in and blogged about some of her most hilarious tweets this week. 1Lavish is a dear, she has been a rock for many of us the last few months and we love her dearly.

So, this week I've been asked by my lovely friend Jules to share a few thoughts about things that I'm thinking about?

First, my son is in Boy Scouts which is a great thing. Except when my husband is out of town and I'm the one forced to go to the meetings. Let's just say, I'm pretty girly  I loathe camping and the idea of doing any of that outdoor hiking crap is just not appealing to me at all. Frankly, my idea of roughing it is watching black and white t.v. 

Anyway, I take my son to the meeting (after frantically packing his special backpack for inspection - but that's another story). We get there and one of the patrol mom's starts talking about something. I saw her lips move, but all I heard was a buzzing noise that went to the center of my brain and died there. All I could think of was PLEASE STOP TALKING.

 Now I'm sure she's a nice person, she's just infected with the Boy scout fever. Her excitement over the upcoming hike bordered on religious fervor. It was...unsettling.

I sat at this meeting thinking you know what would make this meeting better? Wine. Sadly there was no wine to be found. Or cake either. I spent a whole hour praying for wine and cake. Best news of the night came when hubs called from the airport saying he was ready to be picked up. We got in the car and floored that puppy!
I drove to the airport to pick up my husband. 

Which leads me to my next rant. People, if you are going to turn, USE YOUR SIGNAL. I don't have ESP and I have no idea if you are planning on turning. How about if you help a sister out her and let her know what the plan is? Honestly, almost nothing is more irksome than finding out someone has decided to turn at the last minute almost causing you to have an accident.

  I wish people who didn't use their turn signals could be shamed in some way into doing it. It would make the roads much safer and less irritating. This rant is in no way related to the rant about old people and stoners forgetting to turn their blinkers off. That's a story for another day......