Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Snookadoodle

My baby is a teenager today, how is that even possible? Seems like just yesterday Elizabeth Helen came screaming into the world. Named after our paternal grandmother's on our father's sides, she came into the world with a big name and an even bigger personality.

E and her best friend Chocolate the dog

From the moment she came into the world, she let us know what she liked, how she liked it and how wrong we were doing it. She has kept us on our toes ever since.

From the moment she was born, she's been the girl of many names. Conner called her ''little bit'' because he couldn't pronounce Elizabeth. That morphed into ''bibbeth'' for the same reason and then things just went crazy from there.

Finishing her second triathlon

E is her online name given by me. It's easier to type E than to type Elizabeth, so many people now call her E when they meet her. We don't call her E ourselves, if we call her by name it is Elizabeth or Elizabeth Helen.

She loves her ''Moo Moo"'

She's been B.A. ( bad attitude), then that morphed into ''Stinky'' because her attitude stunk. That morphed into "Stinkadorfulus'' for awhile. We've called her ''pookie'' which turned into ''snookie'' BEFORE the Jersey Shore ruined it.

With her best friend Huntar on moving day

Marty turned pookie into ''POOHHHNNKEY" which is mainly what he calls her these days. Lately I've stuck with ''Snookadoodle'' or ''Stinkadoodle''

with Crazy Rachel on their birthday last year

My Mom calls her Beth, My Dad calls her Liz and recently her friends started calling her Lizzie. Funny enough; with all these names when someone calls her Lizzie, it throws me for a loop.

Our beautiful girl!

Whatever her name may be, Elizabeth is grown into a beautiful young girl. It's been a tough move for her, she's missed her friends so much. She loves doing triathlons, being with the dogs is one of her favorite things to do and she recently told me she would like to become a librarian. She loves to read just like her momma though she refuses to read any book I like. She loves 1D, joking around with her Dad, fighting with her brother and listening to Toby Mac.

We love you Stinky, we hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday today!