Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday Jillie!

Wait for Baby, Jill is bringing up the rear in the cousin series. She isn't an orphanage anymore, finally she gets her birthday blog. I had to add some favorite family sayings in to the opening, only family will get them and soon I will blog on what they mean.

Ah Jill, another of the ''J'' girl cousins. Jill is number ten in the cousin line up, definitely not last or least. Jillie was truly, the cutest little girl you've ever seen. She had the cutest little face and personality as a little girl, one of my favorite memories is her singing ''Little Ducky Dawdle'' as a little girl.

Jill and her sister Caiti

Jill, Julie, Carrie,Brianne, Rissa and Andy being Andy

Jill often got called by my name and I've often been called by her name. We both are swimmers, though she is a far better swimmer than myself. We both swam competitively in high school.

One my wedding day, my feet hurt so badly in my wedding shoes and at the time Jill was about the same size shoe. So she gave me her shoes to wear around so that my feet wouldn't hurt. The funniest part about that story is at the time she was 11 years old! she had normal size feet and I was still wearing kid sizes at the time.

I moved away and rarely got to see Jillie. Thankfully Myspace was invented and that is when I really got to know Jill. We both love to read and have bonded over our mutual love of classic books. I love talking with Jill, she is so intelligent and we just understand one another. It's been awhile since we've talked and I am missing her writing this blog.

My favorite thing about Jill is her fun bond with Elizabeth. They are both a lot alike and just clicked when E was very young. She LOVES seeing Jill and talking to her. They both love cartoons and reading amongst other things. Jill once wrote a story using E's nickname of "Bibbeth'' and actually created E's own special nickname from her. 

Elizabeth had a pair of purple pants that were hand-me downs from a friend. She wore them to a family function one time and Jill told her ''Those are your amazing purple pants'' and kept the joke running about E and her ''amazing purple pants''. She actually had my mom buy her a pair of purple pants this year because she didn't have a pair. It's a cute little running joke that has endeared Jill to E, which everyone will tell you is no easy feat.

Jill is also a red head like myself, as our aunt Alison always tells us ''you both were meant to be red heads'' and we both enjoy it. This is one of my favorite pictures taken last year

Jill, it's so nice to have a cousin who just gets me and I get her. I love the fun bond we share and am sorry that I've been MIA recently. I miss our little chit chats and look forward to catching up soon. You truly mean the world to me and I am thankful for you.

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