Monday, August 12, 2013

MTTB Series: My Second Signature Song

Sometime between 1992 and 1993, when I was heavily listening to KROQ in L.A., I fell in love with this song. It has become a song that when people hear it, they think of me. My obsession with this song is legendary much to the chagrin of some folk. In fact, the legendary hater of this song is Rob, my friend Lindsey's husband who hates it with a passion. This blog is dedicated to him!

''Too Ra Loo Ra''  the strains of an Irish song mixed with New Wave 80's goodness. What more could a song need? A video with men dancing on the street corner in their overalls? Hello love! this song made me fall hard and fast for its catchy tune and I was ''humming this tune forevermore'' ( I changed the grammar of the lyric to suit myself there)

This song just makes me inexplicably happy! It is kind of like my first favorite song ''Everybody Wants to Rule the World'' when people hear it, they message me, call me or think of me. This song is a song that everyone knows I love.

The beat makes me happy the minute I hear the opening, makes me want to get up and dance.Imagine my shock when my friend Rob said he hates this song! How could anyone hate this song? There is something wrong if you hate cheesy, 80's British new wave! It's a crime against New Wave.

A few years ago, I bought my kids a sing along game on the Playstation just because this song and EWTRTW were on the game. Imagine my surprise when I read one of the lyrics, I had no clue what they said in some places.  It made me start paying closer attention to the music I listen to and what the lyrics really say.

I wonder if anyone can guess my favorite line in this song? I highly doubt it and I probably wouldn't confess it even if you did!

It has been twenty minutes of listening to this song on loop. Last fall my boss Kyler put this song on the Lunchbox playlist for me. I listened to it at least ten times a day for months and never got tired of it. Now I am gone and when they hear it, they think of me. One of my little calling cards in life.

''At this moment, you mean everything'' that is how I feel about this song. It means everything and nothing to me all at the same time. Just a happy go lucky tune that fits my personality well!