Thursday, August 1, 2013

Music That Takes Me Back Series: Chains of Love

For the last two years in August, I have written a series of blogs about the music that I love. You know that song you hear that transports you back to a certain time and place? The minute you hear it, your mind wanders back to how old you were? Where you were? Who was with you? Those songs that make up the fabric of your past. I love choosing the songs and reminiscing about them on my blog. This year, I am also sharing the month of August with inspiring women. I wanted to write a series about women who inspire me and share them with my readers. I have a few blogs lined up as well as a guest blog or two.

''How can I explain, when there are few words I can choose?"

The minute I hear this song, I am immediately transported back to the summer of 1988. I was living in a apartment in Fullerton,Ca with my mom, sister Carrie and nephew Chris. We didn't have much but we had MTV which was my favorite thing to watch. My best friend Abbie lived in the same apartment complex and we would dance around listening to these songs while reading ELLE and talking about fashion.

This was the summer my friend Christena introduced me to my first boyfriend Randy. It was quite an eventful summer for me. First boyfriend, the summer before eight grade, the same year I fell in love with Joe Mc Intyre and New Kids on the Block. It was truly the epitome of being twelve years old in the summer time, '' Days would last forever'' swimming, hanging out with friends, watching MTV and talking on the phone for hours on end.

As the years have waned on, I can tell you this is the first song that ''brought me back'' it was the first song I would hear and immediately be transported back in time. ''Do you remember there was a time?'' that line takes me places and makes me smile.

I love the way this song makes me feel when it comes on. I would venture to say it is the reason this whole series exsists. I can wait to take a journey back this month and reminisce, one of my favorite things to do. I hope you come along on the journey with me.