Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy 14th birthday Elizabeth

Today our baby girl turns fourteen, she is heading to high school next year and it hardly seems possible that she will be 18 in four years. The past year has been a difficult year for her, moving away from California and her friends was a test of strength and faith.

E with her younger cousin Peyton

Elizabeth and her pal Oscar

She spent a lot of time very sad, sad she wasn't making friends in TN and sad her friends in California were far away.. We had a lot of tears, prayers and deep talks. I am so proud of her for overcoming her trial and moving forward.

Baking has become a new hobby, she can make a mean cobbler and sweet tea, she is becoming a southerner at heart.

She has been working studiously, helping immensely around the house even learning to cook dinners while I work in the evenings.

Her sense of humor wicked, she makes us laugh with her sharp and witty comebacks. Dr.Who is her new obsession along with Lord of the Rings and Sherlock. She may have a penchant for all things British......

We are so proud of Elizabeth and the young woman she is becoming!

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