Wednesday, January 17, 2007

to all my fellow home managers

This job comes with no instructions, no real how to manual, 50% training and 50% instinct.

There is no vacation or sick days and if you do take them remember there is no one to do your work for you and you dont get paid leave. ( save the good intentioned tries by your co-worker who really has no clue)

You might as well not feel sorry for yourself and buck up and take one for the team.( This is the worst part of it)
Even though it is always nice to have sympathetic friends in the same boat! who will take your charges and mind them and maybe bring you dinner too!

Challenges daily- with no instructions or how to fixes. There is a guide book and lots of praying involved.
free time- doesnt exsist but sometimes you can pay to have it or if you are lucky someone will give it to you.
the failures and fears- many and the lowest of lows
the rewards- PRICELESS, and the world's best high

This is a job which you dont know what the future holds but you hope and pray for the best and know who holds the future. Maybe some promotions and achievement awards for your charges. Safety, healthy and happiness are the key goals. There are many who want this job, few that can handle this job, There are many successful predecessors to learn from and some that are unsuccessful to learn from too. There are those who encourage and many that will discourage because this isnt a popular job to take these days. Hold on, hang tight and wait and see. I know I cant wait to see and have 10 years left on one project and 12 left on the other. Time flies when you are having fun.

Have fun, Love like never before and never give up!