Saturday, April 15, 2006

proof for lots of things

Preface I am a known anglophile, nerd

Ok. finally I will not depress you. So I have used another side of my brain Jill during this time. When my mom had surgery I took Pride and Prejudice to read. never read it before and never knowingly saw any movie about it. I had watched Bridget Jones une and duex but never knew they were based on that book. So I read the book and fell in love with it. So I rented the BBC version at the end of my stay and watched it with my mom. Then after 2 weeks of trying watched the New version and liked it. Not sure which one I like better yet I rent a modern day version that is made by mormons. Then I rented Bride and Predjudice made by the same lady who made Bend it Like Beckham one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I really liked it set in India and was really good. So now I have bought another two versions off Ebay to see once and for all what is the best version. I know and you know if you really know me YES< I am nuts!!! Marty told me I have a problem*Laughing Hyusterically at myself close to snorting* So I will let you know. See Jill I really am secretly using the other side of my brain.