Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well it is a gray spring day but still spring. Life is picking up and moving on and that is good. Bad days have turned into better days. I am still pondering things from that such as my dad's reaction to his parents death which is at best confusing. Making bad relationships within the family better. What becomes of our relationships is a place only faith can take you. I have hope and peace that it will be good. Sometimes it is hard to understand why someone you have done so much for and taken care of walks away from that relationship. Nothing bad has happened you have done nothing wrong yet the person just doesnt seem to care. It is a heartbreak but really in the end all that matters is my relationships with my husband and kids and that is wonderful and the joys of new relationships in the family and old ones healing. I love having a great relationship with them and am so thankful that the past is past and future is bright.