Sunday, April 1, 2007


Wow, today I got the surprise of my life. My friend from high school Rachel called me and was like"So whatca doing?" and I told her going to dinner with some girlfriends. She told me she was driving up to see her sister in San Jose and that she wanted to stop by. I almost fell over! Most friends tell me later they have driven by Visalia or been around my area but nobody calls to stop by. The last time that happened was about 2002 and my friend Lee came by on his way home from Sacramento. So I was so excited and she got here and it was just wonderful. Living so far from people that know me and know who I was and see who I am now is hard at times. So seeing a old friend is medicine to the soul. We had such a great time and kept her alittle too long but it was so great to hear about her life and to see where she is going and to share my life and for her to see where I was going. She shared some things with me that I needed to hear and she said I shared some things that she needed to hear. I am so thankful to Rachel for going above and beyond and being such a great friend. I really appreciated that and will be forever thankful.