Friday, April 13, 2007

Snippets of life

So much going on around here so little time to blog. Here is a few snippets of life around our house:

Sarah my younger much more beautiful cousin( she is going to love me) can to visit and we had a great time having her.

We planted our 2007 garden last thursday and we already have blooms and I will give weekly photo updates.

Last weekend was so busy with Easter stuff but it was well worth it because the sacrfice that was made for us is so much more than alittle time taken out for him.

This week........................back to the has been a rough one getting back on track from our mini vacation.

school is moving at a ants pace and one day all I wanted to do was go back to bed.

Things heard and said around here worth sharing:

" Mom, I think when sis and I grow up we will still be good friends like we are now"
( doesn 't that just make your heart sing)

Elizabeth lost her two front teeth and anything she says is just about the cutest thing you have ever seen. She has a slight lisp that is just heart melting.

Today we went to lunch with my friend and her daughter. Her daughter is 5 and the worlds biggest pistol. She says some really doozies " shulie, you suck" ( just repeating) "shulie, your house is messy" ( i beg to differ)

Well today, she had a answer for everything I said. We were talking( her mom R and I) about how Marty pulled Elizabeth's teeth and how R never pulled her kids ever. Well I told R her daughter that she could come to our house and I would pull her teeth for her and she said " I dont think so" so funny. The best is yet to come: R starts telling me how all the daughter has been watching all week is 'Free Willy" and the little girl says " there is a boy with long hair and red lipstick in that movie" and I was sitting there thinking when I watched that movie 50,000 times with my favorite kid to babysit Kevin F. I never remember seeing that part but it has been 10 yrs+ so anyways my friend says " You know who she is talking about right?" I respond "Uh, No" R. says " Michael Jackson" I start laughing hysterically....oh, it gets better....The little girl says "he's a girl/boy" she is 5 mind you. I am laughing and then she says " I want him to be my boyfriend" I am screaming laughing. We politely told her it wouldnt work out and then she kept reapting something her mom said about MJ the whole time I am ordering crying laughing at the Mc Donalds worker. So funny!