Friday, July 2, 2010

State of CA minimum wage order aka 90 percent pay cut for Marty!

So if you haven't heard, the Governator has put all state workers down to minimum wage. You can click on the title of this blog and read the article from the Sacramento Bee.

For us, this is a huge blow after a year of furlough days, which resulted in a 800 dollar a month pay cut. That was rough but we survived, we were the fortunate one's. We didn't lose our credit score, we didn't lose our house and we didn't lose our car. Many other's did.

Years ago, Marty and I made the decision to live debt free as much as possible. Mainly for us, this means living without credit card debt. So the furloughs have been very rough, but we know taking out a credit card would make it worse. We have been okay until now.

These cuts mean we would lose everything, our home, our car, our health insurance! Good thing Marty is eligible for Medicare because he has renal failure. The kids and I would be without though and that is a scary thought.

Marty doesn't seem to be too worried. The State Controller is refusing to comply and will appeal. Also there is a loophole, one that has already benefited them during the furloughs. Overtime, the over time system in California is crazy. Marty has co-workers who make 100,000 a year in overtime on top of their salary. Marty has been working overtime this last month and has accumulated enough to make a full months pay.

In this case, if they work one hour of overtime a wee, the State has to pay them their full wage plus overtime. So many will just work overtime and make up the pay difference. Ridiculous isn't it? You would think they would cut overtime out first before a pay cut.  So it might not affect us, but it will affect many and this time it will be worse than before.

Pray for the State workers and their families!

One thing that is in the forefront of my mind, Marty could easily go on disability and get paid more than working full time. But he chooses to remain working, so that he can get another job someday after his surgery. He struggles to go to work, work for less money and stay healthy. How many people just take the easy way and go on disability? but he choses to work and try. That is what really upset me the most.