Thursday, July 29, 2010

From the mind of Marty

I have to laugh, I actually love that Marty is encouraging me in my blogging endeavors. He actually thinks all of my online activity is called "blogging"! As of late, he keeps wanting me to share things on my blog, he wants to you to know what is affecting our family. He doesn't want to talk about his illness but he does want to talk about the woes of the State of CA.

His new daily activity is getting on the Sac Bee and reading the State worker column. It details the issues facing the State worker and different unions. Then he goes to his union website and reads what they intend to do ( not enough in his opinion.) You can go on there and find out the income of any of your state worker friends if you so choose.

Today he wants me to share this video with you. If you click on the title of this blog you can see a blog and video written today as the Governor handed down more furloughs indefinitely. Most likely the next governor will inherit this budget crisis and we will kiss 800 dollars a month goodbye again. Actually we haven't see that yet and that will come tomorrow, only to kiss it goodbye for next month.

No wonder his blood pressure was 200/100 as he left work today, I don't think that is just his disease, I think it is stress related!