Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Four Years of NaBloPoMo in the Books.

The last day of NaBloPoMo year four. Seems like just yesterday I was starting out and a month of post seemed daunting. As the years have gone on and I have established the habit of blogging this task has gotten easier.

This month marks my sixth bloggiversary. This blog has seen me through some very happy times and the darkest of times. I have laughed,loved, made new friends,grieved, despaired, struggled and grown as a person. My kids were five and seven when I started this blog and they have grown so much. This has become a book about their childhood and the story of our family. I actually will find Elizabeth on here reading through labels sometimes. She really likes to read the Conner stories.

So many changes have taken place in the last six months. My traffic has gone through the roof and the blog is evolving and changing. It's a exciting year for me personally and a joyous year for our family also.

Thank you to my long time readers for taking the journey with me. Thank you to Di at Baja Bound for starting the NaBloPoMo crazy. To Andrea for starting me off blogging. Thanks to this year's blogging group, Darci,  DanBethany and Felicia for joining in the fun.

This year has been a wonderful year to look back and reflect on where life has taken me. I am thankful that it has been pure joy to blog a day this time. Looking forward to next year already.