Saturday, May 18, 2013


The smell of ocean air, sand, smoke from a campfire, eggs being cooked on an open flame. I love the feeling of camping and have my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl, my family camped all over the state of California. When my kids were little, our family started the tradition for them as well and then life took a sharp turn and our camping days were over.

One of our many camping trips

Growing up, my family had a tent trailer. We often went to San Onofre and camped along the train tracks, over the shoreline of the Pacific. Our mom gave us baths in the same tub she washed dishes in ( clean water of course) we ate chorizo and eggs for breakfast and played at the beach all day long. What fond memories of Carpenteria, Doheny, San Simeon and the Sequoia National Park.

After Marty and I moved the central valley, we joined a group of friends that went camping. I experienced tent camping for the first time in my life and new campgrounds never before camped at. I remember spending E's second birthday camping at Morro Bay State Park. My dear friends and I went camping the weekend after 9/11 at San Simeon State Park.

With my good friend Stacy camping in Morro Bay

For my 30th birthday, Marty and my mom planned a camping trip to San Simeon, my favorite place on earth. We went to the beach, visited Hearst Castle and then Marty took me to stay at the famous Madonna Inn for a few days by ourselves. Little did we know, that would be our last camping trip for the next seven years.

When Marty was diagnosed with renal failure our life came to a stop. We longed to go camping but because of his dialysis shunt and infection, we couldn't go camping. Then we started planning our move to the south and just haven't had the chance.

Next weekend we are remedying this and going camping! One of my cycling friends Jen, asked us if we wanted to go camping next weekend in Chattanooga for the US Pro Championship race. We jumped at the idea of going camping and watching cycling.

We are so excited to be going camping again and getting back in the habit. As we drove through the state on our move, we noticed all the campgrounds. We are so looking forward to exploring the state and camping on the east coast.

Look for updates after our trip!