Monday, March 6, 2006

Video killed the radio star

Remember that 80's song??

So we got satellite radio and I am loving it:) there is a station called 1st wave that plays all new wave all the time. But payback has finally happened!

As some of you well know I was a holy terror childl! My parents told me someday I would see!

My first child was a handful and somedays I wondered if I would survive. The next was a handful in a different way but my parents still wonder how I got my sister's child:)

Well, today payback came in a very unsuspecting form. We usually all listen to the same radio station and it is usually KLuv or Kduv. But when we bought the satelitte radio both kids immediately saw that it had a radio Disney channel. Now that is all the want to listen to all the time:) Now giving up TV has not been hard for me and they watch Disney channel every chance they get. BUT the radio and my music OH, the humanity!

Radio Disney is teenie bop at it's best. Pre=packaged pop goodness all singing remakes of some song.

As I was pondering this I thought of my mom who listened to Kevin and Bean every morning while driving me to school. All those years of listening to KROQ and Morrissey and The Cure and the Smiths. I am sure she wanted to be listening to the KOST the whole time! Then I thought of my Dad and his loving gesture of taking me to New Kids and sitting through the concert with thousands of screaming girls and how he listened to KISS fm with me during that time.

Payback has happened and my kids are getting older! The sacrifices are getting harder but it is worth it to see them enjoying something they love.