Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over

I am so happy Christmas is coming to a close. I have been dreading the day for over a year and am glad it has past. I love Christmas and the meaning don't get me wrong but I knew that it meant Grandma would almost be gone a year when it got here. Christmas music made me cry and when my Dad came and we had our nice Christmas dinner it was like there was a elephant in the room no one wanted to talk about or mention. The part that killed me the most was the grocery store was selling poinsettias for 5.99 and last year before Christmas when we went to visit grandma sent me out to buy poinsettias but only if they were less than 7 dollars a plant ( but not small ones). I went to several drug stores and Target, Walmart and Grocery stores and couldnt find any less than 7 dollars. So every time I went to the grocery store this year and saw those 5.99 nice big poinsettas I wanted to cry every time because they made me think of her and my last trip to the store for her. Every time I hear " Here comes Santa Claus " or " Santa Claus is coming to town" I think of Gramps and sitting at the little white table in the kitchen and him singing those songs to me when I was little ( or any of us kids for that matter). Then to add it all together it was my other grandma's birthday and I already missed her on that day. I kept thinking I needed to call someone and had called everyone already. It was a rough one but I was able to keep it together.This year has flown by and I will reflect on that closer to New Years.