Saturday, December 2, 2006

life with a son

This morning as we were dicussing our daily schedule and school schedule I told the kids we were doing baking and crafts after our daily studies. I was making breakfast at the time and Conner says " I am just going to play my play-station and you and sis can do the baking I dont want to learn how to bake." I said" No, you need to learn how to bake" He says " I plan on finding a good wife who can do all that stuff." I about fell on the floor laughing it was so funny. " I told him it is nice to have a husband who knows how to cook and cleanup after himself too." He says " Well, I dont plan on being single" and I say "Neitheir did your Grandpa but he is and he knows how to do all that stuff." then he dropped it and went on. It was so funny!!! The things kids think and say sometimes is so funny.