Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Church Family that Saved Us

Recently at church a lady named Evelyn came up and introduced herself to me. Her and her husband have been praying for us. She wanted me to know that. I told them to pray Saturday nights for us. It is always the worst day of the week. So they have been and things have been better.

Two weeks ago, we started talking about Stanford and the transplant. She mentioned Dennis had been a patient at Stanford before. I asked them where they stayed? And the replied their daughter lived nearby. My heart sank, I was hoping to gain more info regarding housing. I was told not to worry by the people at Stanford and I never have.

As the conversation goes on they reveal their daughter knows who we are and has been praying for us.They assure me that she would love to help us out. I leave excited by the prospect and went home to tell everyone that would listen.

Fast forward to the next Sunday. Evelyn tells us that not only will Stacy help but her small group has adopted us and her mom's group has offered child care. WOW! Stacy is actually excited to help us. What a relief and worry lifted off our shoulders. A true miracle and proof that people do care. Now if the call would just come.

Just got off the phone with Stacy herself. She was reading my blog! Thanks for being willing to open your home to us and be a part of God's big plan!

Maybe all of you could comment and let Stacy know how much we appreciate this!