Tuesday, August 10, 2010

" I've been waiting fourteen years for this day"

Fourteen and a half years I have waited for this day. 
One of the fondest memories I have of my wedding shower, was a gift you gave to me.  You wrote me a note and reminded me that,I was growing up.  Our childhood days have gone and now it is your turn to be the bride.  It has been years since we “put on” a show, played “When Johnny was dead” or Kids Incorporated.  Summers spent together, day in and day out, endless sleepovers and swimming until we were prunes.  Truly not many people know their cousins at all, not many people have cousins who are like sisters.  I am passing on this gift, from me to you, a little inside joke of sorts, maybe even a tradition from here forward.

Here is a little gift to remind you of our childhood days gone by. I may not be close by, but I am never far away.

I love you more than you may ever know, Jules