Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stanford called again today.

It has been almost a year and half since Stanford has called us. This morning while doing school with the kids, the phone rang and the caller i.d. showed Stanford. My heart hit the floor and the adrenline started pumping, " Is this it?" was the thought in my head.

Of course, she asked for Marty who was at work and then I asked what I could assist her with. She was calling to get the dialysis center phone number. Immediately this brought much relief, the center was recently sold and the phone number changed. They are paying attention to things, much to our relief.

Later the dialysis nurse called and told me they were wanting progress notes and labs. She said, this was the first time she remembers them asking for these. Good news, news to be optimistic about but I find myself being guarded not wanting to get my hopes up.

Everyone else has a good feeling about it and got excited. I am being cautious, Marty was pleased to hear something, anything from them.

Maybe time will be soon!

P.S. click on the title if you want to read about the last time Stanford called. That was two years ago, almost three.