Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guest blog: 214 Grafitti's Mixtape Story

Ever meet someone and just click? Three weeks ago at the Mixtape festival, I met the "Graffiti Boys" after they asked my friend Andrea to sign their "Tayble" for charity.  We immediately adored these sweet boys and they became our constant companions for the weekend. I asked them if they wanted to guest blog for me sometime and share their Mixtape story.  They truly had some great interactions that some of us only dream of! 

Do me a favor and follow these boys. Soon they will be auctioning off this great Tayble for charity and one of you may have the chance to be the owner. Let's get them to 1,000 Twitter followers and bring their youtube to 1,000 views. They're being great and sharing some of their behind the scene's pictures with my readers. Without further adeiu, I will let Justin tell you about their weekend:

Has it really been three weeks since Mixtape Fest already?  It seems like just yesterday we were buying 100 cans (literally) of spray paint and loading NKOTB's mac truck with pieces of the 20 foot wall for us to paint a graffiti mural on... But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I doubt you normally read about graffiti on this blog so allow me to introduce us: we are 214 Graffiti.

214 Graffiti is comprised of Taylor and Justin (that's me).  We have been working together for around 2.5 years.  In this time we have sold over 150 custom graffiti sprays, and had our work featured at red carpet events, corporate launches, galleries and numerous personal collections.  We were flown out to the Mixtape Fest to paint a 20 foot mural of all the artists performing at the festival. Here's a quick video (so you can get a little better idea of what kind of work we do) that we shot when we sprayed a 16 foot wall for Warner Sound at Warner Bros. Records:

So now that we have some context for who we are, we might as well explain how we met Julie, who is the reason we are writing here today!  Taylor and I also run a subsidiary company of 214 Graffiti with his brother Zach called TAYBLE  (named after Taylor who came up with the design). These are essentially tables that look like a cassette table (cassette table, mixtape table - call it what you will).  We had a TAYBLE backstage at the Mixtape Fest in the VIP lounge for all the artists to sign.  (We are currently putting the finish work on it and it is going to be auctioned off by NKOTB for charity.  We called it the Tayble for Charity--- but back to how we met Julie!)

When we were off working on our painting for the festival we heard that Andrea Barber (The Gibbler on Full House) was at Mixtape Fest because she was such a big fan of NKOTB.  We thought, why not have her sign the Tayble for Charity as well! So we approached her and asked!  She, of course, was more than gracious and was really excited about signing the Tayble. And this is where we got to meet all her wonderful friends, including Julie, who we ended up hanging out with throughout the rest of  the weekend!

Andrea, Taylor, Justin and Julie. We love the "graffitti boys" as we call them.

Andrea signing the Tayble for Charity

All that to say that we had a great time at the first annual Mixtape Fest! We painted a 20 foot mural, made a giant TAYBLE sign for the VIP lounge, got artists like NKOTB, The Fray, The Wanted, 98 Degrees (and Nick Lachey), The Dan Band, and DJ Cheapshot (including a few others) to sign the Tayble for Charity and got to meet so many fun and exciting new friends from around the country!  I would go on, but frankly, I think our art speaks better for what we did than my writing!  So with that, we thank you for your time and hope you enjoy our work!  Check us out at or or follow us on Twitter: @214Graffiti

The Tayble in the back is what the signed Tayble will look like in the end.

The Mixtape Graffiti wall

Working hard on the graffiti wall

Justin with Nick Lachey signing the Tayble for Charity

Donnie and DJ Pauly D under the Tayble Sign

NKOTB with the Tayble for Charity

Tayble for Charity photos courtesy of 214 Graffiti. All Rights Reserved.
Rock and Jock photo courtesy of Just Jules. All Rights Reserved.