Monday, September 3, 2012

MTTMB Series: "You Talk Too Much"

"You just talk too much" truer words have never been spoken regarding me. It's no family secret buried in the closet, I am a talker who loves to talk. Apparently, I am told this gift of gab comes honestly from both sides of the family. Often my Dad would say, "You talk as much as my Aunt Eloise" who apparently had the gift of gab.

Two weeks ago in Hershey on a Sunday evening. I was cruising the town with A2 and AB after a slice of delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Pie at the Hotel Hershey ( too die for, a must have if you go to Hershey), sorry I got sidetracked.

Anyhoo, We stopped at a stoplight when I notice a  Dad leaning out the window of his Suburban telling me to roll down the window. I noticed his family inside and quickly remembered I was on the east coast, not the west coast where I would NEVER roll my window down for a stranger.

I roll the window down much to the shock of AB and A2...they weren't thrilled and wondered what I was doing. The guy leans out " Hey, do youse' know where there's a Wahlmat around here?" Pulling from my freakish in-built GPS, photographic memory I remembered getting lost and seeing a shopping center the day before. " Sure, I think there is one down the road a bit" to which he replies " Is it off I-133?" I can't remember but know it is in the direction of our hotel. Since that is where we are headed, I say " I don't know but you can just follow me." A2 and AB's jaws hit the floor and the gentleman says, "Wait a minute, are youse from Pennslyvania? I stopped you because you have PA plates on your car." to which I reply, " No we aren't"

He laughs a hearty laugh and says " Hey, I'm from Jersey maybe I can help youse then" which made us all laugh hysterically. He thanks me and almost takes off on the red because he was laughing. I roll up the windows and turn to see A2 and AB gaping at me. AB says, " Julie, you will talk to ANYONE" and A2 replies she was scared when I rolled the window down. They both chatted on and on about how I would talk to anyone.

I told them, "It's the east coast and people talk to each other. Plus, I was raised by a bunch of mid-westerner's who would talk to anyone." I suddenly realize, I have become my Gramie!

I remember spending hours in the beauty shop with her gabbing with her hairdresser Debbie or cringing in the VONS checkout line while she chatted up the person in front of her.

It also doesn't help that I was the first grandchild. I was sat in the center of the table to "hold court" while my grandparents, aunts and uncles chatted at me. First thing when walking into my grandpa and grandma's house was to sit at the table and fill them in. We could sit and chat for hours. People, I may not have been born this way but I was trained this way.

There are very few times in life that I am ever at a loss for words. I have grown quieter with age and marriage. I am married to a quiet person, raising a quiet person and have learned that sometimes silence is golden.

Everytime I hear this song, I just laugh and know it is true. There is only one person in the world that can out talk me and that is my cousin Brianne. We both talk too much. This song does always take me back to some great memories and always makes me laugh.

That being said, I may be a talker but I also am known as "The vault" because of my talking ability and memory system, I am a really good secret keeper. People know they can call me to listen, I will listen, talk it out and file it away. If they need later, I can recall it but if not, I just file it away and leave it there. I actually can remain silent since I have lots to talk about myself anyways.

Proud to be a talker who loves to talk. Being friendly has served me well and brought me many a friend in life. There is nothing I dislike more than a unfriendly person who doesn't at least acknowledge people. I a married to a quiet person and friends with many quiet people. I know the difference between the two, there is a difference.

There is no moral to this one, I just wanted to talk about it. Now you see why I love to blog, text and tweet so much! It's another form of talking. I actually have given up my telephone habit in exchange for those forms of talking. Sometimes those forms can bring silence to those around me while allowing me to still talk.