Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mom's 25th Disneyversary

25 years ago this past July, my Mom started working at Disneyland. I was ten years old, we had already been a Disney family for over a year at that point since my sister had already been working there. Mom immediately loved her job as a accountant for the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disney provided for our family, gave us great benefits and some of the most wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Often after work, Mom wouldn't feel like cooking, so we would go into "the park" for dinner. When I wanted to go with friends, Mom made sure to get us in. Countless friends and family have benefitted from Mom working for Disney.

Of course, I followed in her footsteps and worked at the park for five years myself. I got married at the Disneyland hotel and went through my first pregnancy as a cast member. Disney has been so much more than a job to our family.

This past week, I was able to go be my Mom's guest for a very special evening at Disneyland. It was the night they celebrated their cast members who've worked there 10 years or longer. It was fun to be back in the park after it is closed. There is something about Disneyland with no people in it that only someone who works there can experience. I never thought I would get that chance again.

We had a great time and ate lots of great food. Disney does food well and this was no exception. Also I got to see one of my favorite ex-co-workers who I've remained friends with over the years. It was fun to have a special girl's night out with my Mom and celebrate a huge milestone in her life.

Happy 25th Mom! Can I come to your 30th?