Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday "C.. C... C.. Caiti"

The last of the February birthdays in our family is "CccCaiti, Beautiful Caiti" as the song goes. Caiti is number nine in line right behind Jamie. I remember the day Caiti was born, my grandpa drove all the way to our house in Buena Park to tell us she had been born. Yet another girl to add to the mix!

We often sang this song to her as a young girl. So it is only fitting she hear it on her birthday  

Caiti was always one of the quiet, good ones among us. She was truly one of the cutest little girls you've ever seen in your life. Round cheribic face with curly brown hair, the definition of adorable. Caiti was always good, well behaved and quiet.

Even crying she was cute. I love how Andy is pointing to her !

 My earliest memory is of getting to hold her and give her a bottle. I remember she loved to watch "Sharon, Lois and Brahm's The Elephant Show" and sing 'Skidamarinkadink' with her younger sister Jillie.

Andy and Caiti really started the second generation of cousins. Caiti was nine years younger than myself, so I always have thought of her as a little girl until recent years. Caiti, Andy and Jillie really were the three Amigos, they did everything together. I always remember them saving money for pool toys in the summer, hanging out together and having fun just like us older girls.

The Three Amigos

I got married when Caiti was 11 years old and moved away not to long after. It wasn't until the invention of Myspace did I really get to start knowing Caiti. She has grown into a spunky, strong, outspoken young woman. She like myself is of short stature enduring much ribbing from our family about being short. Everyone has to be measured to us. We've had to stand back to back many times to see who is taller. Caiti is actually taller than I am, lucky girl.

She had a friend who lived in my area and actually her and her sister Jill were the first of the cousins to come visit me in my new hometown of Visalia. We all had lunch together and it is something I will never forget.

Recently Caiti made a huge leap and moved out of California away from our family to start her own adventures in Washington State. It was a brave choice that was very inspiring to me, she may not know this but it gave me the courage to do the same myself. I am so proud of her for making a huge leap of faith and it was been so inspiring to watch her soar.

Thank you Caiti for being an inspiration to me. You've grown into a wonderful young woman that I am proud to call my cousin. So grateful to have been able to get to know you as adults, I look forward to knowing you better as the years go by.

Have a wonderful birthday filled with love and happiness. Love, Julie