Friday, February 8, 2013

The Great Adventure 2013: Oklahoma!

Recently I spent an evening watching Oklahoma! one of my all time favorite musicals, so as I drove into Oklahoma from Texas the theme song was playing in my head. We have made it halfway to our destination as of today and by tonight will be in Tennessee.

We started our day yesterday in the great state of Texas! It was fun seeing the sites though most of it reminded us of our central California roots. We all noticed that cow flatulence smells different in Texas! That's when you know we're agricultural experts!

We stopped in this cute little cow town where the main store is the post office. It was a cute slice of Americana for sure.

Oklahoma is Cherokee nation. My mom and I spent a lot of time talking about our Cherokee roots. She has done quite a bit of research on our ancestry. She told me our family actually has roots in TN until the government forced the family to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. I grew up knowing we were Cherokee but never knew our roots.

We had dinner at Cracker Barrell. Usually I eat there and like nothing but enjoyed having their ''fancy fixins'' pot roast dinner. I also found that I like fried okra. 

Many are wondering about Max and Oscar on the journey. So far so good, Max has only tried to run away twice and didn't get  very far. He had the walk of shame being carried back down the street by Elizabeth in Whittier at the start of our trip. He is very angry we have taken him for a long ride, he hates the car period.

''I am not speaking to you''

Oscar on the other hand LOVES the car and has been so happy to go for the ride. He loves riding in the cab  of the moving truck with Marty and Conner. He lays down and just watches the world pass him by.

We also have two fish in the car. My cousin Brianne *gives her the stink eye* gave the kids fish a few months ago and the kids wanted to bring them. So they are riding in a five gallon ice cream container and doing quite well. Two of my tweeps Shannon and Margaret helped me figure out the ins and outs of traveling with fish. So far the advice has worked quite well...meaning the fish are still alive.

Today we head into Memphis for some BBQ, the ducks at the Peabody and Sun Records. We will see how today goes to decide our final TN destination for the night.