Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Friday's with Drew

Today is my second cousin Drew's first birthday. Her mom Rissa is my cousin, for the last year every Friday her momma has been sending me pictures. I live far away and don't get to see baby Drew often and Rissa has done a great job of making sure I know her. I look forward to my Friday's with Drew even though sometimes it has been a few days later I get the picture. Sometimes I harrass Drew's momma when she doesn't send them on time. It has been a fun way to get to know Drew while living far away.

I have some favorite pictures that I have loved! She is such a cutie and very photogenic. I saved every picture so that I could make a collage and share them with you on her first birthday. A year has flown by and I cannot believe she is one already.
My cousin's Rissa and Drew. Just for Jules with the leg lamp!

Happy first birthday baby Drew!!

My favorite is when she wore a Cure shirt!

When she played under Grandma's table like we used to do

The Cutest Friday ever!

I love the one with the yellow bow!

The very first Friday pics!

Thanks Rissa for helping me see Drew every week even though I am far away. It has made for such a fun year and I truly look forward to seeing these texts every week. I cannot wait to see the next year of Friday's with Drew!