Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday Randon

The next in the series is my baby cousin Randon, the baby cousin of the bunch. He is the youngest and last first cousin in the cousin bunch. When I was two months pregnant with Conner, my aunt Maggie found out she was pregnant also. I remember saying to her that I wanted a boy and she said, "What will you do with a boy?" meaning that I come from a family of almost all girls and we had only two boys in the family. Then she found out she was pregnant with a boy herself!

Randon and Conner have grown up together. It has been fun having kids close in age even though we live far apart. Randon is truly one of the smartest people I know, a whiz in math with a funny personality. My Dad says Conner,Randon and my cousin Andy are all so much alike. He would know, he spends more time with the three of them than anybody else.

If you cannot tell by the pictures above, Conner loves his cousin Randon. He gets so excited when we go to Southern California because he gets to spend time with Randon. That is his cousin so much that I often forget Randon is my cousin too. I realized a couple of years ago, that I never had gotten a picture of Randon and I together because we always get pictures with him and Conner!

My first picture with Randon and his sister Alex

We are alike in some ways. He has a penchant for the offbeat like myself, he was talking about his love for all things Korean the other day. I keep telling him to watch my favorite Korean soap opera!

Randon is a wonderful boy with a bright future ahead of him. I look forward to watching him grow and go places in life. He is a kind, smart, talented boy with a great sense of humor. 

Happy birthday Randon, I hope you had a wonderful day today. I was waiting for my internet to get up and running so I could write this blog for you. So glad I got to hug you just a few days ago. Hope 15 is a great year for you.