Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help Rissa's Student

 My cousin Rissa is helping a teenaged student of her's get read for prom. I told her she could use Just Jules to get her message out to family and friends since as a teacher she isn't allowed to use social media. Here is the story and info if you want to help:

Hi Friends and Family,
Some of you may already know I have a student who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. As I was talking to her during her first round of chemotherapy last week, she expressed her excitement about being able to go to prom, which happens to also be her birthday weekend. After extensive treatment over the next few weeks she will not have to undergo treatment that week but will most likely not have hair for prom. She is an amazing individual and her strength has me in complete awe. Her treatment plan as of now will take place over the course of 2 years. To help her and her family I want to purchase a wig for her and I want to do so before prom. Because she will need a wig for some time, after some investigation I realized that they are quite expensive. I am seeking financial contributions to assist with the purchase of a wig and any other unforeseen expenses her family may encounter.
The following is a link to give donation via paypal if you are interested.
Thanks so much for your help!