Sunday, March 10, 2013

When a Friend is Meant to Be: Happy Birthday LL Fancy

Sometimes in your life, you just meet someone and immediately click. You don't know what the connection is or how it happened? it just happened. One year ago next month, I met a fabulous woman named Lindsey in the most random of way. Then months later realized, it wasn't so random at all. Sometimes a friend is just meant to be.

A year ago next month, my dear friend and chief sister of the heart asked me to come watch her run a marathon. It was a day that forever changed both of our lives in a major way and we didn't know it at the time. That day we met some ladies who asked a simple question, a question that led us to some wonderful ladies.

On Twitter two ladies invited my friend and I to be their guests at a special NKOTB event. We met two strangers and had the time of our lives. Lindsey and I met our tween hearthrob together for the very first time and cried tears of joy together. That first night, I sat with Lindsey and our friends in a hotel lobby and it was instant connection over a cup of tea.

A few phone chats and a couple of months later, Lindsey and her husband Rob met up with my family and I for dinner. It was such a wonderful moment and so special to our family that they took the time to see us. 

Then we went to Hershey,Pa for a girls weekend that was truly one of the craziest times of my life. It was my first time doing such a thing and I couldn't have asked for better friends to do it with. Lindsey and I had so much fun that weekend and it is where she gained her nickname. Lindsey is English and always says, ''fancy'' when she does or doesn't want something. I kept asking her if she wanted something while eating and she kept saying, '' I don't fancy that.'' I will just leave the first L explanation at that is stands for ''Licking'' and the other L is for Lindsey. She became LL Fancy forever that weekend. I always have to nickname my friends and she now is stuck with that moniker.

We finally got our first picture with Joey Mac together. Truly a dream come true for both of us and it came true together. So special and exciting.

One of the most special moments of my life happened in a Cracker Barrell in PA. As Lindsey was leaving to catch her flight, she layed her head on my shoulder while hugging me fiercely and bawled. It was a moment that I will never forget. A moment of unspoken words and understanding that immediately bonded us as sisters. 

A few months later, she and her husband Rob came to spend the weekend with my family. They wanted to see us before we left for Tennessee. They put up with my crazy dogs, kids, half packed house, snowman dishes and crazy work schedules.  We went and explored the Sequoias together, ate dinner and shared many laughs. I love the way she and her husband are with my kids. 

Sometimes you just meet someone and click. It is unexplainable to anyone on the outside and sometimes even you don't understand it yourself. In one moment Lindsey became a sister to me, an aunt to my kids and family. I truly feel undeserving of such a wonderful friend and feel like I could hardly be half the friend she is to me. She cries with me, something she rarely does on her own, she laughs with me, she listens to me and she loves my kids. 

So thankful to have met you LL, you bring so much to my life. I truly am so thankful for your friendship and friendship to my family. It is hard to believe I've know you less than a year. Wishing you a happy birthday today, hoping today blesses you as much as you bless others.