Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday Ben!

Second to the last in the series is lucky number 11, Ben. He is the second boy in the gaggle of girls and our grandpa's namesake. Ben has a hefty weight on his shoulders being the only grandson with the Brown name. I remember the excitement when he was born, another boy to add to the mix. Three grandsons out of fourteen grandchildren isn't many, so the boys were always special to all of us!

Ben was a rambunctious little boy, always into something and on the go. I remember him always with a scrape on his eye or some story of him doing something crazy. He was our little Bart Simpson of the family, cute blonde but a handful.

What a face!!!

Ben lived far away and we only got to see him every once in awhile. I never will forget the many trips to visit his family in Arizona. We always would go to the London Bridge and hang out. Ben and Lacey would give me tours of their house and room. 

As time passed Ben grew into a quiet young man of few words. Our Grandpa was a man of few words himself. I think it is so fitting that he is quiet like our Gramps, he may look  like his other grandpa but his personality is that of our Gramps.

A few years ago, Ben stayed behind to work and live on his own in Arizona while his parents moved to TN.I was so impressed that he stayed and lived on his own with his sister. 

He eventually followed his family to TN. He and his sister Lacey have both acclimated so well. Ben is a hard working young man who has even bought his first house already. He is polite and friendly, I just love listening to his TN twang. I look forward to knowing him better now that we are living in the same state.

Happy birthday Ben! I hope you have a great day filled with happiness and joy! Thankful to have such a great cousin to know. I look forward to knowing you better as the years go on.