Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Friend Series: Buon Compleano Dave a.ka. Heidi

I know we all make fun of my love of Twitter but Twitter has brought me some of the very best friends in life.  Heidi and I met through our mutual love of cycling on Twitter. One night a group of us were talking about the AMGEN Tour of Ca and I invited her to come stay with my family for the next years race. We had known each other a few months at the time. I know that sounds crazy but when you know a kindred spirit, you just know.

The next year, Heidi and our friend Jen, came and took me up on my offer. It was great to have them come stay with my family. We laughed, met riders and had the best of times. In fact, she is the one who made my picture with Christoph Riblon happen!  Heidi and Jen became friends for life that week and we had an amazing time. I was so sad to see them both go.

Heidi and I get along very well, we both have the same outlook on life and people. She is a golden rule kind of person and a great listener. During my challenge of self awareness this year, she is one person I have chosen as a confidant. She really has stepped up to the role and been a great email sounding board for me. Very thankful that she has entrusted me with the very same role in return.

The best part about Heidi is she is just as wacky as me! I love her love of all things Italian, men, the language, the wine, she has immersed herself in Italian culture and it makes me smile. A few weeks ago, when I was on my Twitter break, it came to me. Heidi is our very own Dave!

Who is Dave you might ask?


Now I lovingly call Heidi ''Dave'' with a smile and laugh. It is fun to have great friends like Heidi, who my whole family loves and calls friend. She brings a lot of happy and joy to the kids and I via Twitter. It is people like her that make me love cycling more.

I used Google Translate, it is most definitely probably wrong but it's the thought that counts....right?

Grazie Heidi per essere un buon amico. Ho soprattutto vi ringrazio per avermi aiutato gli ultimi due mesi. Sono contento che siamo in grado di sostenersi a vicenda e sollevare un l'altro come sorelle del cuore fanno.