Friday, April 29, 2011

Final thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

I think after Charles and Di, this will go down as my favorite Royal Wedding. It might even surpass it truthfully. You could feel the deep and abiding love of the newly named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Her dress was simple, stunning and elegant.

My favorite moments were; when Prince Harry peaked as she was walking down the aisle. When she got to William he leaned over and said, " You look beautiful.". Hearing Kate's brother read Romans 1: 1,2,9-18 and when the archbishop said, "all weddings are really royal weddings since we are sons and daughters of the creator." Or something to that effect.

I had so much fun watching with Rachel and Elizabeth. Texting with my friends Andrea, Irma,Jen, my Mom and my friend Ruben's hilarious commentary. Andrea and I particulary have gone overboard and really made our families and friends think us mad.

What wonderful memories for a life time. Thanks for being patient and letting me let loose. After the last five years of hard life, it was wonderful to let loose and be carefree. I think it was a huge release and the return of my true personality.
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