Monday, April 4, 2011

Off to work he went.

Marty went back to work on Saturday. This is a huge milestone in the journey for our family. The return to regular routine and normalcy. Something we have been waiting years to happen.

He did great on his first day, everyone was glad to see him. He didn't realize everyone knew what happened and they all had a lot of questions for him. So that kept him busy and awake.

He had to work some overtime today. Not by choice but by mandate. He came home and was telling me how different he feels. He can walk all over at work, up the stairs and not get tired or out of breath. He normally would be very tired working over, but he wasn't. This is a good marker for him, to see how much better he really is.

He hasn't taken any insulin since last week and his blood sugars are maintaining normal levels. So that is another piece of good news. We just love good news!