Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sisters of the heart

I have had this blog in my head for quite sometime now. It's a very emotional subject for me and something very dear to me. I have two sisters of my own, but sadly we aren't close. Some of that is by choice on my part and some of that is out of my control. I wish things were different, but they aren't and I can't really change that. I have tried and failed. It takes two to change things and if one party is unwilling, it leaves the other with tough choices. I worked for years to change things and couldn't without enabling myself to be treated badly.

Last year during a particularly sad point, God reminded me of the great blessing I do have; I have many sisters of the heart. They might not be blood related, from the same parents but they are sisters none the less. They are people who love me for me and I love them for them. I often use the term and I know people wonder what I mean by that. So that's my definition right there.

My cousins are a few, they are more like sisters to me than cousins. They have filled the void left and have known me my whole life. We grew up together and share much of the same upbringing. I am so thankful for them and the role they play in our lives.

My Dad and Marty joke, I have so many friends they can hardly keep up anymore. It's true, I have a ton of friends and I am so lucky. I feel so much joy at being blessed many times over in the friend department.   Some people don't even have twenty friends and I have about twenty close friends.

A few of my friends have become sisters of the heart. They don't have sisters or don't have sisters they are close to, some have sisters and still include me in the bunch. They are the one's I turn to in times of crisis or in times of joy. I am so thankful for them and their role in my life. It was them who helped heal the scar and fill the void in my life. It took years but I have finally gotten to a good place in this area.

I am thankful for them and love to be there for them in return. Just something that I wanted to write down and explain to those who wonder about the meaning.