Friday, March 4, 2011

1,314 miles and counting

 Trip number three to Stanford under our belt. Bringing our total driven to about 1800 miles. Totally worth the miracle and the good reports we are receiving. Also, since coming home everything has only gotten better for Marty. He hasn't had a fever and the vomiting has stopped since coming home!

We stayed at the Stanford Guest house on the campus of the linear accelerator. Conner loves sitting in the communal kitched and listening to the "smart talk" of the engineers and physicists over breakfast. He says it brings a whole new meaning to "smart talk".......only Conner.

We sit in the room waiting, the nurse coordinator M comes in and goes over the medication list. He tells us the doctor's aren't there yet. Right after that, Dr.G comes bursting into the room anxious to see Marty. Nurse M had to come in and tell her "there's another patient ahead of him." LOL. She likes us as much as we like her!

She came back and was thrilled with his progress.  The blood sugar numbers are coming down. They want him to lose another 10-15 pounds to see if that helps. The high blood sugar is for sure caused by the medications and a bit of insulin resistance in Marty's body.

Dr.M one of the supervising physicians ( Dr.G is doing a fellowship and hasn't graduated yet) came in and agreed with her assesment. They think he might be released after two more visits!!! They are cautiously optimistic that things will be the same.

We're thrilled. It couldn't come at a better time with the rising price in gas! Also, just to get on with life and really start to live. We are really looking forward to that. Freedom is something we have been longing for. We already feel so much more free. In fact, Marty keeps playing this song over and over, saying it is how he feels.