Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a way to celebrate

Yesterday, we celebrated our anniversary by driving to Stanford. It was a good day just to be together and chat. The kids stayed with our friends Larry and Joyce. Today he saw the doctors at Stanford and there is quite a bit to report.

 They cleared him to go back to work April 3rd. This is a huge relief because he is out of time. In fact, we got to put that no worrying thing to pratice last week. His human resources specialist called to state he was out of time and only getting 50 percent of his pay. Thanks to the generosity of his co-workers donating time, he will get a full check. So he needs to get back!

  His hemoglobin A1C was 5.7, normal not diabetic levels. The lowest his had ever gotten was 8 with the insulin pump. Before the insulin pump it was in the 13-14 range. So this is HUGE! His blood sugars are so good, he gets to cut back on insulin to 5 units a day. After one week, if his blood sugars are still in the same range, he can stop taking the insulin all together. Very exciting, hopeful news. Dr.B looked at him today and said, "Welcome to your new life!" how wonderful to hear those words.  

 We still have to go back in two weeks, but things are progressing well. We are hoping after that we might be down to once a month. What a wonderful way to celebrate 15 years of marriage. By celebrating our new life together!