Saturday, March 5, 2011

Officer Down Foundation

We got a huge blessing and surprise today. Marty's co-worker Randy brought us a gift from the Officer Down Foundation at his work. Randy started this foundation last year to help officers during a time of medical emergency. They started it after seeing co-workers struggle while off work during medical emergencies.

  Our trips to Stanford will be covered for the rest of the month. They had a bake sale and tv raffle to give us this gift. Just yesterday Marty was telling me he wasn't going to worry about the cost of the trips.

  God really has blessed us during this time, just when it looks like something might not be covered, he provides for our need. A big thank you to Randy and the rest of Marty's co-workers at CSH, we are very grateful for the donation and will put it to good use.

 We're going to be celebrating 15 years of marriage this month. We have this song that we love and has kind of been a theme in our marriage. It really sums this blog up nicely. One of the lines says, "The guys at the factory took a collection, again God provided for the bills they incurred."