Sunday, May 8, 2011


Life is in transition. The blog is in transition. Back to normal, new and moving forward. I was listening to the lyrics in church today and heard the line, "This is the year of jubilee."

That's me, jubilant,triumphant and joyful. Probably obnoxiously giddy to some and annoying to others. I really don't care though. Long term burdens have been lifted and I feel light as air.

I am a different Julie, forever changed and won't ever be the same. Parts of the old Julie, that were muted and put on hold are shining through.

I have learned so many lessons these last three years about life,marriage, parenting, friendship, self created drama vs real drama, grace, judgement, mercy, acceptance. The list goes on and on.

I am so glad for the new friends who get to know the other side of me. So happy that old friends can see the new me and see how far we've come.

My focus is growing clearer by the day and where I need to go and grow in the future. I hope you all join me for the journey.