Monday, May 23, 2011

Another day of cycling fun

Once again we were able to meet some of our favorite cyclists. This year we drove two hours to Santa Clarita. We had a choice of three different locations each two hours away. A start or two finishes, since we've only been to starts and know the drill.
We got there two hours early and got a prime location at the sign in stage. The riders must sign in each day for the race. After the come down and sign autographs.
Of course, one of the first to show up was Levi Leipheimer. For some reason, everytime we see him there is a issue. He stops signing at us everytime. Three years in a row. He did it again. It was funny the announcer on the stage was saying how nice Levi is and how he always signs for every one.  He redeemed himself by coming over after I called out to him.
Our favorite rider is Andy Shleck from team Leopard ( which is pronounced Lee o pard and I mispronounce) Trek. We called Andy over showing him our shirts we made. I role Andy," this is your year!" Pointed to my sleeve which said Andy TDF 2011 with my finger painted yellow, making a number one sign. He laughed and smiled. He's a nice young kid.
Yellow is significant in cycling, most races the leaders jersey is yellow. Just thought I would explain the mail polish.
We got to meet all our favorites and some new up and comers. On new American team Kenda wasn't in our autograph book. One of the riders took great umbridge and made their own page. We met a kid who is touted to be the next American cycling great. We even saw our favorite commentator Bob Roll.
It was a great day. The kids and I made precious memories. They came home with a ton of stuff too. Hats and cowbells are their favorites.